Part I: Why do I have to keep teaching them the same things....

Once again, a co-worker takes one of Facilities carts and says, "I'll treat it like it's my own."

Once again, I have to correct them. "No. You'll treat it like it belongs to someone with an aggressively un-Christian attitude about forgivness, access to every facet of your workspace, and a basic working knowledge of improvised explosives."

I just want things to be crystal clear...


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I've Done Things

Another Year, Another Polar Plunge

And here you thought I forgot. :)

This year wasn't as horrible as last year. My costume had a lot less complexity than last year, and as you can tell from the video I linked to previously - I got everything done well before the event itself.

This year, there was only about 200 plungers - about a third of what they had last year. A lot of this was from the last-minute 'rescue' of the event by Boulder County Aids Project after Young Professionals' Alzheimer's Association of Colorado gave it up in August. Not as much time to advertise and also the fact they started it an hour earlier than previous years.

As for the past 3 years, I've been changing into my outfit at work (as it's closer to the Boulder Reservoir), taking pictures, and heading into the event. I actually had a coworker walk in during the photo shoot this year. Poor lady. ;)

Anyway, since I was fighting with Tumblr anyway, I also uploaded pics from my previous years at the plunge. Most of the same pictures that you've seen here, but I figure it would be nice to go to a single spot for this rather than going back and forth between Tumblr and ImageShack.

And this year - I made the Denver Post, both print and online, as well as some video time with Fox31(KDVR) (My bit is about 1:09 in. :) )

So... I guess it's time to start planning 2015's Plunge...


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Flaming Pitchfork Ferrets

And here you thought I was dead...

Actually, since I'm on e-mail probation, I've been doing most of my stuff on Facebook, as it's easier to just do a quick post there.

But, since I sent out an e-mail today... I share it here.


This morning, I changed out the filters on all the filtered water spigots in the coffee areas and break rooms, as well as the filters for the drinking fountains.

I have done my best to ‘burp’ the system, but you may still get air bubbles in the system here and there. Especially on the water fountains, where their unique location along the water-pressure-tree means that you tend to get the whole range of water pressure, from “East German Water Cannon Set On Flense” to “Usefulness and Volume That Rivals Congress”.

During the next couple of days, you may see black flecks in your water. You may choose the explanation below that fills your heart with joy:

A) Harmless Activated Charcoal dust left in the filter as a by-product of the manufacturing process
B) Super Secret mutagen that has a 0.0001 percent chance of altering your DNA, making you a Mighty Champion of Humanity in the upcoming Alien Pirate Robot Ninja Lemur Apocalypse.

If you have any further questions, let me know.

I guess I'm back... for at least this post. :)


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Part I: Did someone call a... facilities specialist? Boy, it's hot in here...

Embarassing moment of the day (so far):

I was drinking milk out of a box (some leftovers from a Milk-N-Cookie event last week). I finished the milk, so I blew up the box as much as possible for my own amusement. Took the straw out of my mouth, and all the remaining milk shot out on my face, getting in my eye and all over my glasses....

So... I just gave myself a money shot in the face. And I'm not even breathing hard. I wonder if this should go on my resume....

(UPDATE!: Boss just read this. She asked me if anyone saw it, or was I at my cube. I told her I was alone, but I usually was in that situation. She LALALALALALAed and put her fingers in her ears...)


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Going to Hell

Part I: I so love my friends...

From an conversation elsenet....

Points: Arrrgh! Circular dependencies.

Me: Yes, the 113th Congress' first full day in session is today. Why do you bring it up? ;)

Points: That's a circle jerk.. except there's actually three circles going on, and while they're wanking, they're pointing at the other circles and chanting 'gaaaaaay!'

Me: [loses it, giggling]

Points: Am I wrong?

Me: Spot on, actually. Mind if I share?

Points: Go for it.

Points: Attribution.

So, here's to Points! God of My Morning!


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