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Part I: Long e-mail is looooong.


I’ve got a lot of stuff to say about things happened/will happen to the conference room A/V around the building. However, because I put on a very sincere pretense about caring, here is a shortened ‘TL;DR’ version:

1. The HD projector installation in Executive, Estes and Ft. Collins Conference Rooms is now complete.
2. Please shut off all A/V systems and projectors after meetings. This will prevent me from finding new and horrifyingly annoying ways to control the problem.
3. Use the voting buttons above to choose our next A/V ‘Guinea Pig’ Room!

There. Those of you who are coffee overachievers unable to read more than 140 characters at a time without your nervous system seizing up can now move on to the next shiny, shiny thing that requires your attention. You gotta keep moving. You’ll catch on your email when you’re dead. You’re on the StairMaster to Success, and you got to go up Up UP!!!

For everyone else – Feel free to continue.

1. Executive, Estes, and Fort Collins A/V is complete!

After getting the new HD projectors installed, we were forced to wait for more equipment to make the wiring a bit more… pretty. So, after several weeks of trying to see around the HDMI cable dangling from the projector, we now have everything installed. The wiring for both VGA and HDMI are now hooked up through the table, all purty like.

Now, because I think our building is filled with pretty smart cookies who can change the world, I didn’t waste money on any strange system that allows the projectors to switch between VGA and HDMI automatically when it detects a signal. That sort of laziness is only for mentally weak people who still have their VCRs flashing at 12:00 forever, oblivious to the fact that they can’t follow directions (or go out and buy a DVR of some sort). [COMPANY] FOLKS ARE BETTER THAN THAT.

So, yeah. You’ll have to use the ‘source’ buttons to choose between the door. Just keep mashing the button until your desired input comes up – VGA or HDMI-1. It’s a hardship, I know, but I know that we can shoulder this burden.

With the HDMI cable, it does send sound up to the projector speaker. However, some computer products that have built-in HDMI do not always send the sound along the same cable as the video. There is no work-around to get sound to work with these products. In my experience so far, it seems that certain ‘fruity’ computers seem to have this problem, where other Hugely Productive laptops seem to be okay. Your mileage will almost certainly vary.

As always if you notice any strange issues or other problems, please let me know. The Helpdesk ticket system is here to help you help me to help you.

2. Shutting off projectors and other A/V equipment

Ah. This one is near and dear to my heart.

I would like to ask you that, when you leave a meeting, that you please make sure that you shut off the projector and also hang up the phone if you are on a conference call. Since the New Revamped Boulder Conference Rooms DO NOT have a mechanism in place to auto-power the projectors, it is especially important to make sure that everything is turned off. Also in Boulder, the audio conference doesn’t shut down automatically when you power down the system. Make sure you go into the ‘Audio Conference’ tab and press the ‘End Call’ button.

And, since we’re getting into good habits with Boulder – It certainly doesn’t hurt to shut things down in all the conference rooms.

Below is a listing of several reasons that shutting the projectors down. At least one of them will apply to you, if not more:

•You’re doing the ‘green’ thing by saving energy.
•You’re doing the ‘mechanically aware’ thing by keeping the projector from unneeded wear-and-tear.
•You’re doing the ‘fiscally responsible’ thing by saving the company money on electricity and repairs.
•You’re doing the ‘conciderate’ thing by ‘putting the tools back where you found them.’
•You’re avoiding the ‘Why, oh why have the projectors starting doing THAT’ thing by keeping me from solving this problem… creatively.

That last one could be a lot of fun for me. With very little effort and cost, I could do things like… have the projectors shut off every 30-45 minutes automatically. Y’know, to cover all contingencies when people walk out of a room without shutting it off. And that’s just off the top of my head. See, [CEO]’s innovation principles can almost certainly aid me in doing evil, should the need arise. And I have read the book.

If you think about it, it’s really just a whole lot easier to hit the ‘System Off’ button or hit the Power Off button on the projector a couple of time on your way out the door.

And, if you demand it, I’ll give you a wet, sloppy kiss if you do. No tongue, though. That’s reserved for paying customers.

3. Vote for the next ‘Guinea Pig’ Conference room!

After the last bullet point, now I’m going to be magnanimous.

No, really. Quit laughing.

Trying to find ways to improve overall conference room functionality is something I keep an eye on. And when I find a possible way to do this without having to replace thousands of dollars of equipment and ripping up walls – Well, I’m going to try that.

To that end, I am going to take a conference room and add improved VGA functionality as well as HDMI functionality. It won’t be a true HD experience like the conference room in the first point, but it should be better than what’s in there now… on paper.

See, I won’t really know how well it works until I get the new system installed. While doing research for the other upgrades, I also ordered an extra kit to use for ‘real world’ testing.

So, take a look at the voting buttons on this e-mail. If, for some reason, you can see and/or use the voting buttons, you can reply to this email with one of the following choices – Longs Peak, Pikes Peak, Pyramid Peak, Durango, or Glenwood.

The room with the most votes by Friday, September 14th will be the room I install the new stuff in. Simple as pie.

And that’s it!

As always, I am here for questions. I might even answer them if I can.


Man, I'm pooped.


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