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As promised - Write-up for Polar Plunge 2013!

This is the long write up.

This year... well, it was a disaster.

Unlike 2011, when everything bad happened at the plunge itself, this one had nearly everything going wrong before hand.

For this year, I was going to do body paint. Initally, I was just going to get a dark spray-on tan, but someone said, "Well, genies are blue." So, that lead into some grand adventures.

I visited the fine folks at FX Warehouse and got a whole bunch of different makeups to try. I found a color combination I liked (Mehron Liquid Make-up with a little bit of Ben Nye Lumiere Luxe powder), and it seems to cover good on my test area (I shaved the lower part of one of my arms). It wasn't as water-resistant as I would have liked, but I picked up some hair spray to fix that.

I tried doing a test run on my face, and realized that... I've never done makeup before. I thought about maybe seeing if a theatre major from one of the local colleges would have liked to do it, but finding a college student that was sober on New Years Eve and NYDay would be a challenge.

So... I gave Bad Sister a ring. She'd done various theatrical things in the past, which gave her more experience than I had. She also told me to start moisturizing right away (this was the beginning of December) in order to make sure I wouldn't flake.

So, fast forward to December 30th. In order to make sure my sister would have a decent surface to apply the makeup, I shave everything from my belly button up, except for the eyebrows. I didn't think this would be a big deal, but I seem to have forgotten that... well... I'm me.

See, I have fairly sensitive skin. I get 'razor bumps' on my face so bad, that even if my job requires me to be clean-shaven, I only do it every other day. I didn't get any painful razor bumps on my arm, so I thought I was good.

Ahhh, hubris.

The razor bumps broke out in random places on my torso, most notably in the valley between the twin peaks of Mount Manboob and my right underarm. So, I had to lotion up or kill anyone who touched those tender areas.

The other thing that happened on the 30th? Roomie (My loyal sherpa for the previous three plunges) had picked up a bad case of Pink Eye while at a family wedding. He announced that he was out of doing anything - Sherpa-ing, photos, video, everything. And, after seeing his demon-red eyes - I fully agreed.

On New Year's Eve evening, we started the paint. We did two coats of the base blue everywhere except my hands, and I went to sleep on the recliner.

The plan for New Year's Day was to do any touchup needed, finish the hands and work on details, so we could be out the door by 9AM, go to my work to take some pictures and video, and then get to Boulder Reservoir by 11-ish.

Well... over night, most of my torso paint either flaked off, or was turned into blue paste by my sweat (mostly caused by cats sleeping on me.)

At 9:30, we were still working on touchup. I went with Plan-B, which was a sky-blue unitard that I would wear under my outfit, so we would only have to paint hands and head.

As I was putting the blue unitard on, the zipper blew completely out. Yay, more delay!

We quickly tried to finish the makeup, but we also found out something else that we didn't test - The 'beauty' makeup that I had was designed to be placed on bare skin and blend. It just sat on top of the base blue and stayed there, all clumpy and scary. So, anything you don't like about my face makeup - That's why.

So, a quick trip to the local grocery store to pick up some safety pins for the blown out zipper. It was rather entertaining watching the kids freak out and point at the funny blue man, and all the adults doing their damnedest to ignore me.

Quick trip out to work. I just needed a final check-up on the outfit and pictures. The videos I planned were right out.

Off to the reservoir. I got in line about 5 minutes before noon, so I missed the Young Professionals Alzheimer's Association of Colorado folks combing the crowd for costumed idiots to take to the front of the line. Because most of the news agencies usually come out for the first 3-4 waves of plungers, I was completely missed. I haven't been able to find any public pictures of me plunging. :( I did talk with a cameraman from one of the local TV stations, but since January 1st had a lot of 'real news' going on, the Polar Plunge coverage was just a 15 second blurb.

Another thing about Bad Sister. Generally, most of her electronic equipment is hand-me-downs from the rest of the family. I didn't remember that, in August, she got Good Sister's last camera. And she wasn't entirely comfortable using it.

So, the pics I did get... weren't that good. All the outside pics were stills yanked from the video she shot at the reservoir.

The plunge itself was quick and painless. The reservoir was so low, the deepest point of the plunge was just below my collarbone. Out to the car, get undressed, and get out.

One final funny moment - As I was getting on dry clothing, I heard the voice of a little girl - "Hello, Mr. Blue Genie Man!" That made my day. :D

Lessons learned:
- Get professionals to do any body painting.
- Make sure you get your team trained on how to use cameras.

For those who want pics, I'm trying Tumblr this year. So go take a look.


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