duckhunter (duckhunter) wrote,

Part I: Did someone call a... facilities specialist? Boy, it's hot in here...

Embarassing moment of the day (so far):

I was drinking milk out of a box (some leftovers from a Milk-N-Cookie event last week). I finished the milk, so I blew up the box as much as possible for my own amusement. Took the straw out of my mouth, and all the remaining milk shot out on my face, getting in my eye and all over my glasses....

So... I just gave myself a money shot in the face. And I'm not even breathing hard. I wonder if this should go on my resume....

(UPDATE!: Boss just read this. She asked me if anyone saw it, or was I at my cube. I told her I was alone, but I usually was in that situation. She LALALALALALAed and put her fingers in her ears...)


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